Dear Social Media Overwhelm,

I am here to change the world. Not to waste my time with you.
Sincerely, Your Non-Profit

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Get access to the simple way of conquering the social media game! 

  • Build an engaging community 
  • ​Share information that truly matters to your audience 
  • ​Find new donors that support your cause
  • ​Have a reliable system in place to grow your non-profit brand online
  • ​AND reduce your time managing social media by 60%*
*based on reports of people using the calendar. Results my vary.
I'm offering you instant access to the Social Media Accelerator System for Non-Profits worth $497...
For only $37!
As a non-profit communicator responsible for fundraising and marketing you understand the importance of using social media – but there is a huge problem.
As many of our clients say "Donors and Funders find us through social media. So the importance of having a professional and up to date online presence is crucial for us."
Here is the issue with social media marketing in the non-profit sector:
While posting on social media, there is oftentimes no marketing strategy and content plan. The result: A constant hamster wheel of trying to come up with great content ideas day after day.

But because non-profit marketers don't have a lot capacity anyways, they have to "shoehorn social media in amongst a zillion other responsibility" oftentimes not knowing if the content they post is relevant for their audience.

And what is even worse is that there is no system and process in place. In case the person who manages the social media gets sick social media is also on pause.


42% of Non-Profit Communicators spend more than 2 hours per day managing their social media accounts! *

*According to a survey that we did with 40 participating non-profits.

Working in the trenches with non-profits like yours, this is what we have heard:

What you want is:

  • A formula that works and "doesn't take up a large chunk of time"
  • ​ A way that "balances organization news, program/ events, fundraising and news" relevant to your cause.
  • ​Building an "engaging community online" and sharing information that truly matters to your audience
  • ​Setting a "consistent but doable content schedule" 
  • ​A "sustainable way to create and maintain a social media content calendar"
  • ​Gain more engagement on everyday posts
  • ​Turning data into good storytelling
  • ​A system to "build your non-profit brand online"
  • ​Getting all of that done among a zillion other responsibilities and still be effective.

What you don't need is:

  • More templates
  • Training on what the best social platforms are
  • Fluff about how to create a social media calendar 
  • ​More time taken off from your main job by managing social media

"Got it!"
Introducing: The Social Media Impact Calendar

  • Don't waste your time developing your own content calendar. Use ours as is or customize it.
  • Proven easy color coded 5 Pillar System
  • A framework and already developed content ideas for 366 days/ 12 months and align them to your overall messaging. 
  • ​Use the pre-planned content for your Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to routinely roll out highly-engaging content that engages with your supporters. 
  • Elevate your FB lives, IG stories, posts, engagement questions, inspirational quotes, and never run out of content ideas. 
  • ​Build a solid foundation for your non-profit brand and implement a strategy behind the content rather than posting last minute. 

Nichole was able to reduce the time she spends managing social media by 66%.

"Social media is mostly where all our funders come from. I was spending 15 hours on finding and curating content. The social media impact calendar has cut me down to maybe 5 hours.
I now have something on our sites every day.
I don't dread coming up with content anymore. I set apart a partial day and come up with all the content that I need for the month. It's not a "I have time here" or "Hey, I'am gonna take a whole week to come up with these things in addition to my other work."
Basically the calendar has given me all of this with a pretty bow and I don't have to do a lot of leg work."

Social Media is relationship building.
You want people to Know, Like, and Trust you.

And this is why you need a repeatable system for your non-profit.
Not just tactics.

  • "The 5 pillar concept has given me a broader concept of focusing on our organization, what we do, our strength and brand message. It has given me a lot more than just posting a happy story. Everyone loves those but there are other important things that we need to share."
  • The 5 Pillar Content System is a strategic marketing framework that works across multiple platforms.
  • ​It enables you to clearly communicate your brand message and differentiate your organization. 
  • ​It helps you to connect your social media activities with your overall marketing strategy and strategic plan.

Here is what other non-profit communicators have to
say about the 5 Pillar Content System for Non-Profits:

"Love the 5 Pillar concept. I am looking forward to implementing the Social Media Impact Calendar."
"Thank you so much, very helpful in an arena that can feel so overwhelming, especially when short on resources!"
"The biggest take away is to think high-level in terms of the types of content we post. Sometimes organizations, including us, focus on the number of platforms we have to be on and/or how frequently we need to post. Yet we forget about being strategic on content variety. I really like the 5 pillars system you present, and I think we will think more in this perspective."
"This has been so helpful! THANK YOU, Kerstin, as a new professional and recent grad, this is fabulous!"
"Kerstin - this is GREAT! Those 5 Pillars make great sense."
"I will be able to make good use of the 5 Pillar system that while working with my colleagues. Thank you."
"We were just planning our calendar for the year and loved all the color coding of the 5 Pillar Calendar for ease of use with other volunteers."

Our bundle for you:
Calendar, Training and Planning Tool = Social Media Accelerator System for Non-Profits!

No Fluff 5 Pillar Social Media Content Training

  • From not knowing what to post to knowing what your audience wants.
  • From "just posting" to building your brand online and position your organization as authority in your field and differentiate your cause from others.
  • ​From feeling overwhelmed and posting last minute to having a framework in place and feeling calm, structured and confident.

Hands on 5 Pillar Planning Tool to Share Your Story

  • Collaborate and capture ideas and resources with your team.
  • Extend your own content library with the 5 Pillar system.
  • Put to work what you have learned during the training with powerful questions.
  • ​Stay focused on your brand messages. No matter who works on it your content stays consistent.
  • ​Set and track your goals for the month, year and focus on important dates.

No more "creating content for the sake of content!" 

  • Go live on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.
  • Great for your Facebook and Instagram stories and daily posts.
  • Have quality content on your social media channels every day. 366 content prompts, questions, quotes and awareness days specifically designed for small non-profit.
  • ​Share the story of your non-profit with your supporters online without wasting hours brainstorming content ideas.
  • ​Operate your social media with "birds eye view" and be sure that what you post is aligned with your overall strategic plan.

Not sure if it's worth it? This is what you get:

1. The Social Media Impact Calendar 

Customizable Calendar in 3 Versions:

  • Editable Google Sheet
  • Printable PDF
  • ​Trello Board

365 Days of Planned Content - Including:

  • 75 Brand Post Suggestions
  • 55 Authority Post Suggestions
  • 90 Quotes to Inspire Giving and Increase Likes
  • ​50 Question to Engage with Your Supporters
  • ​166 International Awareness Days incl. Health Promotion Days
  • ​364 National and International Holidays incl. Hashtags and Multi-faith Days
  • ​All holidays are linked to further resources so you can relate to your cause

Trello Board Version

New in 2021:
The Content Calendar as Trello Board
  • All content prompts organized in 5 Pillars
  • ​Easy to use and edit
  • Add your own content 


  • Social Media Topic and Goal Setting Template 
  • ​Step by Step Guide to Creating Key Messages

2. Planning Tool

Next to the content prompts on Trello, we have created a Trello planner with questions so you can create your own library with resources and collaborate with your team.
  • This is the same Trello board that we use when working one-on-one with clients to develop their content plan.
  • 100% customizable.
  • Perfect if you work with a team and to collaborate with other stakeholders.
  • ​Build your own content library and have a place to capture stories from clients, volunteers, board members to share on social media.

3. No Fluff Training

This one hour training on "How to Create a Social Media Content Plan" is a no fluff training based on the 5 Pillar System. During this training you will learn:
  • How to define your target audience and connect on an emotional level through authentic story telling (no matter if its video, FB live, stories or posts)
  • How to create an editorial content plan that can be used across multiple platforms
  • How to map out a month’s worth of content in one afternoon using the 5 Pillar System  
  • ​How to use the 5 Pillar System to create engaging content that positions your organization as authority in your field
  • ​How to clearly communicate your brand message and differentiate your cause from others 

Does it work for your organization?

There are many social media gurus, programs and courses out there that teach you how to create a social media content calendar. And they all sound very promising. But here is one problem: Even if you take the course, you are still left with doing the work!

Everything you learn makes sense, the tools are helpful and you might even get a step by step guide BUT...

... once you get back to your day to day schedule, social media easily becomes something you do off the side of your desk again. And although you learned the skills needed and know how to use the tools you STILL don’t get your content planned out...

... because you just don't have the capacity to spend hours of time planning your content strategically and end up creating adhoc posts that might not be aligned with your overall strategy.

And that is why we have done the work for you.
The 365 Social Media Accelerator System for works for any non-profit no matter what change you want to make in the world.
"Absolutely love the work that Kerstin has done creating the non-profit social media content calendar! The accelerator system It is a great planning tool for smaller organizations to ensure that our social media content is always current and raising our profile. The image template resource tools in addition to the calendar make it very user-friendly at any skill level."

Lori Shatto, The Lending Cupboard
"I love this calendar. It’s like the perfect tool that I wanted to create for years but never got the time to do it. I will never run out of ideas with the calendar. Every post gives me ideas for 20 more. And the best: I can be strategic and align it with my marketing and brand messaging."
Marie Gervais, Shift Management
"It’s a huge bargain. I would even pay more for it. With this plan, we save about 4-5 hours per week. If you calculate the time a staff member spends on social media, you have a return on investment in less than 5 hours."

Pam Snowdon, Volunteer Central
The content calendar for non-profits helps us to be more strategic with our social media. We are able to plan the content that is relevant to our audience AND we have time to engage on social media rather than pulling our hair to come up with new ideas."

Donna Mc Auley Forsuth, Family Services Central Alberta

Over the past 11 years we have been working in the trenches one-on-one with small non-profit organizations like yours...

  • social agencies and humanitarian organizations who struggle to find their voice online and differentiate their cause from others and reach their audience.
  • educational and art and cultural organizations who are too busy running their programs and need a predictable system to create engaging content without compromising their schedule. 
  • environmental and animal rights organizations who feel exhausted thinking they need to slave away day in and day out to create ”epic new content” every single day.  


I already use a scheduling tool, is the calendar and additional tools worth it for me?

The Social Media Impact Calendar is not a replacement for a scheduling tool. The calendar helps you to create the content. You still need to schedule it.
What if the calendar doesn't work for us?
This is the second year that we have been offering the impact calendar. We haven't heard any negative feedback so far. The calendar is offered at very low price and the sales are final. 
Can you tell me more about the social media image template add-on?
You bet. The image templates are 200 designed quotes and questions. They are customizable to match your brand standards. We selected quotes and questions that inspire giving and doing good.
The templates can be accessed and edited with Google Slides. They are super easy to use, no graphic skills necessary. The images are sized at 1080 x 1080 pixel. This is the best size for Instagram but you can also use them on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
Regular price is $37. If ordered with the calendar you can get them for $29 instead of $37. Just click “Add to Cart” button below and make sure to add the image templates as at the checkout when buying the calendar. 
We want to increase our visibility on Instagram. Does the calendar work for Instagram?
Yes. The calendar works for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. You can use it for do live-streams, stories or regular posts.  
What if I am not tech-savvy?
The calendar is set up in google and excel. If you are familiar with Microsoft office and Google there is no need to worry. You can just pug and play.

Why should you trust us?

Great questions, I mean, we probably don’t know each other yet.

Here is why:
We are Dirk and Kerstin Heuer. Partners in business and life. We have been working with small non-profits for the last 11 years, helping them to find their brandvoice and develop marketing and social media strategies that align with their overall strategic plan. We have worked on over 900 projects one-on-one, as well as teaching marketing and social media workshops, helping small non-profits stand out and be seen.

Our tips for non-profit leaders and communicators are featured on Charity Village, Imagine Canada, Wild Apricot and Canada Helps. As board members and volunteers ourselves, we know about the challenges that small non-profits face. Limited capacity and not enough funding are ranked at the top of the list.

And that is why we want to share our framework with you and this is why we have planned 365 days of social media content already for you. The social media impact calendar is based on the same framework that we use in our one-on-one consulting but for a fraction of the cost.

The pre-planned content is developed to save you time, increase your engagement online and help you plan your content strategically.

For you that means: More Capacity. More Impact. More Confidence.  

Are you ready to:

  • Increase engagement on your social media channels?
  • Achieve better brand recognition and differentiation of your cause? 
  • Grow your followers online?
  • ​Create more meaningful relationships? 
  • ​Become a social media influencer on topics you care about?
  • ​Have more capacity and feel confident with your social media?
As one of my clients said "this is a total bargain".

Get instant access to the Social Media Accelerator System for Non-Profits with 12 months / 365 days of pre-planned content.

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