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Case Study: Central Alberta United Way

How we helped United Way Central Alberta develop their yearly fundraising campaign and improve  impact locally

United Way Central Alberta

About United Way Central Alberta

United Way is a non-profit organization that improves lives locally. The vision: “Together, we are moving people from poverty to possibility, helping kids be all they can be, and building strong and healthy communities.” After government, United Way is the largest funder of social services in Central Alberta. United Way invests donor dollars in programs that impact the community. They partner with other organizations to address the underlying issues that impact residents. www.caunitedway.ca

Although United Way is the largest funder of social services in Central Alberta it is competing with other local charities.

The Challenge

A recent study showed United Way is experiencing a significant downward trend across all key brand health metrics (awareness, familiarity, donation incidence and intent) and fewer donors. It was also found that the organizations primary cause is unclear. For the campaign creative it was crucial to show the local impact to the community.

How We Helped

In collaboration with the United Way team we developed the marketing strategy and marketing collateral for the annual fundraising campaign. The campaign is tailored towards a few different audiences: community, workplace, and leaders. Our main focus was to create awareness and to communicate United Way’s local impact. The national theme “It looks like me.” was adopted. Through sharing of stories, we were able to give a face to statistics. Alongside the marketing collateral, we developed a social media campaign that showcased Central Alberta United Way’s local outreach while keeping their national campaign in mind.


AGM Brochure




Poster and Postcards


Campaign Brochure


Report to the community


Social Media Campaign

“It was a pleasure to work with Kerstin over the past two years. She is both creative and strategic – just the combination United Way Central Alberta needed. Kerstin really understands the ins and outs of how non-profits and small businesses operate. A great fit for us!”

Peggy Eye

United Way Central Alberta

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