Re-Branding Case Study

Bridges Community Living

From a confusing name to engaged staff members as the biggest ambassadors for our brand.

Bridges Community Living helps people aged 55+ in the Red Deer, Alberta area transition into safe, comfortable, affordable living spaces that they can call home. Whether they are looking for a self-contained apartment or accommodation in a lodge, Bridges Community Living has just the right option for independent or supported living needs.

The Challenge

Low awareness in the community, a confusing name, and being prepared for the future increasing demand for senior housing were the reasons for Piper Creek Foundations to invest in marketing and branding. We kicked off the project with a current state analysis which served as foundation for the development of a communications and marketing plan, which was one element of the organization’s overarching strategic plan.

Through internal and external surveys we found out that the community awareness of BCL was very low beyond their own network. In the current and projected political and economic environments, and with the aging demographic and growth projections for the region, government funding is not likely to prove adequate to meet the seniors’ housing needs in Red Deer. As a result, community donations and volunteer engagement will become increasingly important to the Foundation.
As a result of the report we suggest:
1. Marketing strategy to build community awareness
2. Re-brand including a name change
3. Fund development strategy to be prepared for the increasing housing needs of seniors in the region

How We Helped

As recommended in the current state report we developed the marketing strategy and new branding which also included re-naming the organization.  Part of our process is to really dive into the needs of an audience. While we were developing different personas, the BCL team had so much fun but also realized that having a “fictional” senior would be very beneficial as a soundboard. And this is how June was born: As a fictional character, she is a senior resident and the face and voice of Bridges Community Living. She’s outgoing and inclusive, a social butterfly who is sometimes a bit scattered. She advocates on behalf of others, sits on the council of aging board, is welcoming and active. June has always a smile on her face. She is informed about activities at BCL, enjoy recreational activities and can be found chatting with her neighbors.

Complete service included:

  • Workshops with the board and executive team
  • Brand strategy including new purpose statement, vision, mission, brand values, key messages
  • Developing of a new logo and tagline, business cards and branding guidelines
  • Marketing Collateral (brochures, ad templates, newsletter template, banner stand, social media templates)
  • Maskot “June”
  • New Website 


Building communities for seniors

People thought we were a vet clinic, medical office, plumbers…  The old name “Piper Creek” was confusing.
Our challenge was to get people to know who we were. We wanted a transformational name and this is what “Bridges Community Living” is all about. 
The new brand creates more excitement internally than we thought it would. Our staff totally bought into it and they became our biggest ambassadors. They are willing to talk about who Bridges is and there is a level of excitement that wasn’t there before. We build communities through building homes for seniors. It now leads naturally to a conversation when people hear our name.”
Geoff Olson, Executive  Director of Bridges Community Living


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