New Website Development

Bahaii Community

How we helped The Baha’i Community in Edmonton to create a functioning website.

The Challenge

The Bahaii Community in Edmonton had many good hearted volunteers helping out with the website. Unfortunately, the result was a big mess. The message was inconsistent, the website had no structure and was confusing to navigate.

How we Helped

In collaboration with the United Together with the client we created the strategy first and gained clarity on the overall goal for their visual brand and the website. After that we created a new logo and overarching design guidelines that could be used for the website as well as all marketing collateral and social media. With the new guidelines in place we went through our step-by-step process and created the website.

“We now have everything we need and we have 6 people maintaining it and and it looks still consistent because we have the guidelines in place.”
— Marie Garvais

From a messy online website that was doing nothing to a well functioning online presence.

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