New Website Development

A Better World Canada

How we helped A Better World to create a donor centric website presence.

A Better World has projects in over 15 countries and has invested $35.7 million in clean water, essential healthcare, quality education, sustainable agriculture and income generation. Over one million lives have been changed for the better.

Throughout the years, passionate people have joined their journey to make the world a better place. Over 2,800 volunteers have traveled to project sites and countless more have supported ABW through fundraising.

The Challenge

Over the years, the website had become cluttered and confusing to navigate. Content was hard to find and updating of projects was challenging as there was no consistent process.

How we Helped

In collaboration with the United With direct input from donors and supporters we designed the website to showcase stories and impact. The main goal of the website has been to engage more donors and showcase the impact that donors have made ini people’s lives. With that in mind we restructured the website completely. This was a true collaborative work.

We have engaged Kerstin and her team on two major campaigns to develop our brand identity and website. Kerstin is very talented and understands the concepts we are striving to achieve. Her quality work is delivered on time. She is also very pleasant to work with
— Eric Rajah
Co-Founder, A Better World

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