We know there are a lot of free tools out there and it can be hard choosing ones that you utilize every day. Here are 11 of our favourite marketing tools we use every day at Non-Profit Today!


1. Feedly

Online Blog Post Archive

Feedly is an online blog post aggregator. It compiles the latest news articles or blogs from resources you follow so you can stay on top of trends and discover new innovations. There is even an option to separate your feeds by topics. It’s a simple handy all in one news feed for topics important to you.



2. Canva

Online Content Creating Platform

Canva is a free online graphic design tool website. It lets you easily create content for Facebook, Twitter, etc with tons of icons and graphics already on the platform and the option to upload your own pictures as well. Canva is a simple to use tool for creating social media posts. We love it!




3. Lumen5

Blog to Video Creator

Lumen5 is a blog to video creator that lets you take content from any blog post and create a short informational video, easily. All you need to do is input the URL of the blog site and you can drag and drop pictures from it to create a professional looking video. This is a new one for us but we love how simple it is to use and create an eye-catching video that highlights all the main points of your blog post! It’s another way to re-purpose content you already have.




4. Snip.ly

URL shortener that adds a CTA

Snip.ly is one of our favorite tools to use. Do you share content or blogs posts on your page? Well instead of pasting the URL into Facebook paste it into Snip.ly and it creates a brand new URL except it has a call to action attached to it. Snip.ly takes blog posts and creates a little pop up you can use to drive people back to your site – it’s free advertising for people who click on your link. Plus it lets you keep stats on how often people clicked on your call to action.




5. Answer The Public

Visual Keyword search Platform

Answer the public is a keyword or phrase website that lets you know the most commonly searched long tail keywords around a topic. If your a content marketer, knowing popular topics or trending keywords lets you create content around what people are searching for, Answer the Public shows you what they are searching for.




6. NameChk

Domain and Handle Checker

NameChk lets you search for a domain or social media handle that is available across all platforms. No more guessing and trying on each platform you use only to find out one of them has been taken. Input it once in NameChk and you’ll see instantly which ones are available to you.



7. Drip

Email Automation Platform

We use Drip to automate our email series when someone signs up for our newsletter. Drip makes it easy to create emails and segment audiences to target people specifically with the information they want to see.



8. Bit.ly

URL Shortener

Have a long obnoxious URL you can’t fit into a twitter post or blog? Use Bit.ly. It shortens the link into a “Bit.ly” link for a short and clean link that still links to your site.




9. Hashtagify.me

Search Hashtags

Unsure of what hashtags to use for Twitter or Instagram. Find the top hashtags for Twitter and Instagram for Free. Search hashtags, relations, and influencers and maximize your social media strategy with Hashtagify.me




10. Likealyzer

Analysis Facebook Pages

Analyze your Facebook Page or your competitors and find out what you can improve on. It gives you stats on engagement and how you stack up against your competitors Facebook pages plus tons more.





11. Hemingway App

Grammar and Sentence Structure Checker

Hemingway goes further than just spell check, it analyzes your writing to show you which sentences are hard to read or when you’re using passive voice. It also shows you the reading level of your writing and the number of adverbs used. The best part is that it is available as a desktop app and it’s free!




There you have it our 11 favourite apps and marketing tools! Which ones are you going to start using?


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