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Marketing and Branding for Non-Profits

Whether your non-profit agency works in human services, environment, arts, and culture, indigenous, animal rights, healthcare, or other non-profit causes, you need to be bold and stand out to change the world.

We help non-profit leaders change the world by building outstanding brands.

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Overwhelmed? Not enough time? Busy doing the work?

You are not alone.

Are you struggling with these very real, very common issues?

Lofty Goals and Detailed Tactics

Your strategic plan has lofty goals and detailed tactics but lacks guidance for implementing day to day decisions in order to meet objectives and achieve your mission.

Lacking Clarity

Your team is doing, doing, doing all the time but you are unsure if your marketing efforts are getting the results you want. You are lacking clarity and decisions are made based on gut feelings.

Missing Results

You want to attract funding above government grants and increase private and corporate donations, but your current fundraising efforts haven’t brought the results you hoped for.

The problem isn’t “the non-profit sector” or “not enough funding”.
It’s your branding and marketing. You’re most likely coming at things from a wrong angle and you’re failing to connect with the right people as a result.

You can do 1,000 things trying to change the world with what you do.

If you want to be successful, it always comes back to three things:


What is the change that you want to make?


How do you get there?


No question here. No money. No traction.

This is how working with NonProfit Today helps your non-profit organization:

In collaboration with non-profit leaders, we have developed a unique method based on real problems that Canadian non-profit organizations face. The YOUthentic Branding Method™ bridges the gap between your vision and strategic plan and your day-to-day marketing operations.

Rather than executing single tactics like social media or fundraising, that work in silos, the YOUthentic Branding Method™ is a holistic framework.


This is how the YOUthentic Branding Method™ works:

Define Audience

Everyone is not your audience. We help you to get clear who you need to reach. Donors, clients, board members, volunteers? They all have different needs, hopes and dreams. Find out what makes them tick and how to emotionally connect with them.

Clarify Message

People need to understand what you do and why they should get involved with your organization. We help you to align your values and messages and “translate” them so that the people you want to reach, not only want to support you but become raving fans. 

Develop Strategy

Once you know who you are talking to, we create a strategy on how to reach your audience and share your story. We set goals and objectives that are aligned with your strategic plan and vision so you and your board can track the progress.

Implement Tactics

The strategy leads the way. You might need visual branding, a new website, or a social media plan. Those tactics are your marketing engine to fulfill your mission. We help you with  implementation and hold you accountable afterwards.

Not sure how to differentiate your organization from others?
Or how to connect with the right audience? Are you trying to attract more funding? 

This is how the YOUthentic Branding Method™ helps your non-profit:

More Effective Marketing

Engage with your stakeholders, create a clear plan and milestones with accountabilities to reach your vision.

Donor Centric Online Presence

Your non-profit website needs to be your hub. We help you to optimize it for fundraising and develop a process for your social media.

Done for You Audience Research

Through interviews and focus groups we help you to gain clarity and provide a stronger framework for your strategic plan.

Clear and Concise Branding

Take the jargon out of your communications and create a strong visual presence that connects with the right people.

Automated Donor Engagement

People supporting your cause? How about  raving fans? We can help you with that and use the power of automation to save you time. 

More Awareness Campaigns

When your day to day actions are not enough, we help you to create awareness campaigns that actually creates awareness.

Meet some of our change makers!

We have engaged Kerstin and her team on two major campaigns to develop our brand identity and website. Kerstin is very talented and understands the concepts we are striving to achieve. Her quality work is delivered on time. She is also very pleasant to work with

Eric Rajah
Co-Founder, A Better World

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